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Top 5 Tips For Improving Body Language – Legs

Now that you now what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to leg positions and body language, I’m going to reveal my top 5 tips improving body language , helping boost confidence and sex appeal:


  1. Weight on one foot. Never cross your legs when you’re standing, instead stand with your legs apart and your weight on one foot. It gives an air of confidence whilst making your body appear tauter and accentuates your hip to weight ratio.
  2. Cross your legs. When you see someone you’re interested in let your legs do the talking. Casually cross your leg whilst pointing your foot towards the person you think is attractive. This will increase your muscle tone and send a subconscious signal that you’re interested.
  3. Keep still. Excessive leg and foot movements convey negative emotion (uncertainty, anxiety, nerves, and deception) whereas still, relaxed legs and feet or purposeful movement (such as slowly kicking your leg up and down whilst looking at that attractive guy) is often a sign of a more confident, relaxed attitude.
  4. Put your best foot forward. When you’re sitting place your feet slightly out in front rather than under the chair or wrapped around the chair legs. You’ll appear more interested, attentive and confident. It will also do wonders for your posture.
  5. Legs together. When sitting whether your legs are crossed or uncrossed, keeping your legs parallel is the most attractive position. This being said, it is a position keep in mind when you are looking to impress, as it can be slightly uncomfortable over long periods of time

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