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Have you fallen into a slump thinking it’s impossible to meet great singles and find love? It’s time to STOP! The most important part of meeting someone is not where you look, but the attitude you approach them with. Want to revolutionise your single life? Here are 10 dating tips that will revolutionise your single life.

These are my nine top dating tips to help get you in the right frame of mind for meeting the right person.

Nine Tips To Revolutionise Your Single Life

1. Be Positive

Approach your time as a ‘singleton’ positively and use it to do things you have always wanted to do or try – without having to check if someone else wants to do them too! It will make good use of your time, stop you from feeling lonely and is a great way to meet a whole new group of people. You may not believe it now, but when you are in a relationship you may envy the opportunity your single self had to make decisions based only on your own interests and happiness.

2. Relax and Enjoy life and the wonderful and unique person you are

Happy and positive people naturally attract people to them and a smile can be more powerful than you think. Instead of approaching love as a way for you to find happiness, think of happiness as the way to find love. Even if you are feeling shy, unconfident and un-attractive, fake it till you make it. Simple changes such as holding your head up high and smiling will get positive reactions that will in turn build your self-confidence.

3. Dress to impress and try to look your best

Now, this doesn’t have to cost a lot or mean you have to try to look like the latest music or movie star (they are airbrushed anyway!). Find out what suits you (either treat yourself to a style consultation or ask a trusted friend) and try to stick to it. It is better to have a small amount of good quality pieces that really suit you than a huge fashionable wardrobe that doesn’t. You can easily change the look of basics up with some affordable accessories. Guys – rethink some of your ‘old favourites’ and ask someone who will be honest with you for help if fashion isn’t your forte – you’d be amazed what a well fitted pair of jeans and a crisp shirt can do.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone and try a couple of different activities each week – even it if makes you feel uncomfortable. I can’t stress how important this is! Now, unless someone has developed a dating delivery service that I’m unaware of, you’re unlikely to meet someone sitting on your coach in front of Netflix! Not only does going out and trying new thinks open your mind up, help you discover new interests, and stop you dwelling on your single state; it exposes you to a whole range of different ways of meeting people.

Keep in mind the phrase ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. If you stick to the same activities (or inactivities!) you are used to, you significantly reduce your chances of meeting someone new.

When you buy a new car you don’t expect the car to magically turn up at your door; nor do you think you are just going to bump into your car on the street. You will go out and actively look for the perfect car – you won’t limit yourself to one car dealership. You will look in the newspaper, various publications, online, car yards, etc.

I don’t think you worry too much where you get the car from as long as you get what you are looking for and for the right The same applies to meeting singles – they generally don’t come knocking at your door, you have to go out and meet them by a variety of methods.

5. Focus on your senses

It’s amazing how much our less obvious senses play into attraction to the opposite sex – we are animals after all. Guys – a decent aftershave can be more powerful than you think in capturing the interest of the opposite sex; and girls – freshly washed hair is irresistible to a lot of men. Don’t be tempted to be too heavy handed though, there is nothing as overpowering as too much cologne or perfume especially if it’s not to your taste!

6. Don’t overshare

When you feel that you have made a connection with another person, it can feel too easy to give them a lot of personal information – you might think of it as bonding. Warning: do NOT overshare on early dates! Never reveal more than you need to, a little mystery is a good thing. Dating should be a fun experience not a rehash of all past relationships and bad experiences!

7. Take it slow

Take things slowly and get to know someone – trust me, this can save you a lot of pain in the long run! Did you know that it actually takes around 3 months to actually get to know someone well? I don’t want to sound old-fashioned, but as part of this you should also beware of having sex too early on, as it clouds your judgement.

8. It’s not all about the chemistry

Don’t over rely on chemistry. The happiest couples I know have told me they didn’t even like each other to start with, let alone have chemistry. Give it 3 dates before you rule someone out.

9. It’s a numbers game

Remember that dating is a numbers game. You may have to meet 20 people before you actually click with someone. So don’t think of an unsuccessful date as a failure – think of it as being one step closer to meeting the right one!

10. Don’t lose yourself in your relationship

Finally everyone needs to learn to fall in love without losing themselves. You might think I’m putting the cart before the horse here, but there are so many fantastic singles of both sexes waiting to meet you that I’m confident you will find someone. When you do, focus on retaining your unique personality and individual interests that attracted them in the first place rather than just being ‘the other half’. This will keep your relationship strong.