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Have you given someone a big warm squish today? Hugs are powerful things. Something truly magical happens when we allow ourselves to connect deeply with another person. A hug melts away our stress, insecurities, fears and loneliness, improves our health and allows us to truly connect and heal.

Need more convincing?


Here are 8 reasons to start hugging today. Enjoy!

  1. Hugs release endorphins and reduce physical and emotional pain.
  2. Hugging increases self-esteem, strengthens our immune system and reduces our risk of heart disease.
  3. A loving embrace releases the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin which increases feelings of trust and intimacy and helps us to bond and connect.
  4. Hugs boost dopamine levels and help to ward off depression.
  5. Hugging communicates emotional support, affection and love.
  6. A cuddle decreases the stress hormone cortisol, melting away stress and tension.
  7. Hugging gives us a feel good serotonin boost and decreases feelings of loneliness.
  8. Giving your partner a loving squeeze helps them to feel appreciated and understood, and encourages open and honest communication.

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