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Whether you’re the one doing the breaking up or the one on the receiving end, one thing is for sure, breakups are never easy. But you can break up with someone nicely and end a relationship with kindness is possible as The Friendly Psychologist Jacqui Manning explains in this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series.

So how do you break up with someone nicely?

Psychologist Jacqui Manning told, “Ending a relationship doesn’t have to be done in a negative and traumatic way. You can be kind to your partner. Especially if you’ve shared some good times together, simply by being respectful.”

Give Constructive Feedback Using “I” Statements

“Simply use many “I” statements by saying, “I really feel that this relationship is not for me any more.” reveals Jacqui Manning.

“If there is some constructive feedback that you can give your partner so they’re not left completely in the dark about the things that have really upset you. You can also introduce those ideas to them by telling them.”

“Telling them honestly by saying, “I didn’t really feel connected when this and this and this happened; however, I really liked the way you did this and this and this.” So sandwiching some difficult thoughts in between some positive praise for that person could help them in their future.” Jacqui Manning says.

And what about going MIA in the hope that they’ll get the idea that you want to break up?

Manning advises not to just fade away.

“You’re allowed to walk away from a relationship. But be honest; communicate; don’t just fade away. Tell them what’s going on in your mind and thank them for the times that you’ve shared, and then move on in a way that’s going to feel light to you. Break up with someone how you’d want to be broken up with.” Jacqui reveals.

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