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How do you know if they want to kiss you?

When it comes to the language of love, actions speak louder than words. The first step to understanding body language and to know if someone is interested (or wants to kiss you) is to look for a cluster of at least three to five simultaneous signals that indicate interest and avoid analyzing one body part in isolation.

Many body gestures can have multiple meanings so if you want to know if they’re interested always look for a combination of increased proximity, eye contact and touch (including self-touch and preening). And always test the waters before jumping in headfirst.

Telltale signs they’re dying to kiss you:

Think they like you but still not sure if they want to kiss you. Here’s what to look out for:

The Forward Lean:

The forward lean is a primitive subconscious response controlled by the orientating reflex (OR). The OR kicks in automatically when you see someone you like, causing our muscles to contract to bring us closer in our to kiss.

Bedroom eyes:

Droopy bedroom eyes are an indication of “rest and digest” a parasympathetic response that induces a relaxed state and gets our body ready for a sexual encounter.

Parted lips:

Sexual attraction and desire can temporarily block brain impulses that control the lower jaw, causing the jaw to drop and lips to part.

Touching, licking and biting of the lips:

Constant autoerotic touching of the lips is a telltale sign that their lips are tingling with excitement and that they may be wondering what it would be like to kiss you. Attraction causes our lips to engorge with blood making them ultra sensitive to touch. Watch their stroke style for clues on how they’d like to be kissed. If their touch is light and feathery, gently caress their lips with yours to leave them begging for more.

They face you with their foot between your legs:

Positioning their foot between your legs is an indication of comfort and attraction and may be a ploy to get into your intimate space. How close they’d like to get depends on how close your respective groins are. If they’ve positioned their front foot between your legs, so that both your groins are touching, they’re already thinking about what it would be like to sleep with you.

Increased blink rate:

A rapid blink rate suggests that they’re psychologically aroused (or excited) and you’ve got their attention. When we see something we like (or are thinking about that kiss) a surge of dopamine is released into our vision centers causing our blink rate to increase, sometimes up to seven times the normal rate.

Happy Kissing!

Love Katia

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