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Dating but not sure if they’re a player or keeper? Players, they’re the master of the pick up and the dating equivalent of Jekyll and Hyde. Gorgeous, bold and absolute charmers one minute and missing in action the next. So how do you tell the difference between a player and a keeper before becoming emotionally invested?

The good news is that the signs are crystal clear. The bad news is that when you’re head over heels you may not be able to see them.

The release of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the early stages of attraction causes havoc with our nervous system making us temporarily infatuated and blinded to even the most glaringly obvious.

Want To Avoid Falling For Someone
Who’s Never Going To Love You Back?


Keep Your Eyes Peeled For These 12 Signs That Your Dating A Player And Not A Keeper:

  1. They’re always too busy to see you, doesn’t want to make plans (just in case), stands you up or doesn’t call or text when they say they will.
  2. They never pick up the phone and your message always goes to voicemail.
  3. Deep and meaningfuls are out. They don’t want to talk about your relationship or where it’s going (or not going).
  4. They don’t introduce you to their friends or aren’t interested in meeting yours.
  5. They introduce you as a ‘friend’.
  6. Every date turns out to be a major investment.
  7. They make you feel as though they’re doing you a favour by spending time with you.
  8. They blow hot and cold, making you feel fantastic one second and unworthy the next.
  9. It’s a one-way relationship and you find yourself making all the plans and ‘filling in the blanks for the both of you’.
  10. They flirt with other people in front of you.
  11. The balance of emotional and physical intimacy feels of whack, or it seems as though your relationship is based purely on the physical.
  12. You feel confused about your relationship and where it is (or isn’t) going.

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One sided relationships just don’t work.

So if any of these points look familiar and you’re sick of making a million excuses for why things aren’t perfect … yet. (They’ve been hurt, lost their phone, their mother didn’t love him.) STOP.

You deserve much better.

You deserve to be loved completely and you will meet someone who’d do anything for you, treats you like the amazing unique being that you are and  makes your heart and stomach flip. And when you do, you’ll know that you’ve found someone worth keeping.

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