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What’s the secret to the perfect kiss? The perfect kiss involves an intoxicating combination of anticipation and excitement, the right setting and mood, technique and genetic compatibility.

However, men and women also have a prewired preference for different kissing techniques and kiss for different reasons. Studies show that while men prefer more tongue, a wet open mouthed kiss and are more likely to initiate a tongue kiss, women prefer less tongue and saliva particularly in short term relationships.

So, to make an unforgettable impression. Start Slow. Take the time to truly connect and build the anticipation before following their lead. Last but definitely not least. Remember the secret to the perfect kiss is to kiss them like they’re kissing you, because that’s how they’d most like to be kissed.

Top Tips for the perfect kiss:

Build the anticipation:

Whether it’s your first kiss or you’ve been together forever, take it slow and build the anticipation so that they’re dying to kiss you by touching, teasing, kissing and caressing your way around their face and erogenous zones.

Follow their lead:

The secret to the perfect kiss is to kiss them the way they’re kissing you because that’s the way they’d most like to be kissed.

Zero in on their most sensitive erogenous zones:

Brimming with nerve endings, our lips are one of our body’s most powerful erogenous zones. For an added burst of sensual pleasure and to stimulate pleasure seeking nerves called C-fibers start with soft, light kiss.

Avoid too much tongue and saliva:

Whilst a hot, sloppy mouthed tongue kiss releases a small amount of testosterone to help get you in the mood, it can be too much of a good thing.

Set the mood:

Researches at Lafayette College found that where you kiss can have a powerful effect on how you rate the smooch and your partner. The study found that kissing in a sterile environment decreased the level of the bonding hormone oxytocin in the women and reduced the level of intimacy women felt with their partner.

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