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Jo Ettles

Author, Motivational Speaker and Wellness Specialist
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About Jo Ettles

Jo Ettles  is an author, motivational speaker and wellness specialist. She has assisted many people worldwide to take responsibility for their own bodies, their health, the way they think and see their future and how they ultimately live their lives. Through her unique abilities of insight, intuition, knowledge, and awareness, she has influenced hundreds of people to live a healthier, simpler life based on thinking positively, taking responsibility for their own wellness, respecting themselves and learning to acknowledge and appreciate every minute of every day. Her intention is to assist and educate as many people as possible to take responsibility NOW for the quality of their own lives and their wellness. Jo is passionate about reminding people that you do not need a degree in “heightened enlightenment” to understand, that you can change your life right now.

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Because You Are Worth It

Because You Are Worth It

Excerpt from Underneath My Clothes – a woman’s guide to making peace with her body When we arrive in this world, we are born with a full tank of self-esteem. Little by... Read More