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About Katie Carmichael

Katie Carmichael is a Personal Trainer and business owner of KT Personal Training a private Fitness Studio located in Western Australia’s Margaret River wine region, Dunsborough. Katie had been in the fitness industry since 2002, moving around Australia and training many people including Linda Kowslowski (Hogan) Crocodile Dundee, Marty Sacks (Blue Heelers and Underbelly) and had the chance to work with numerous professional surfers in both NSW and WA. She has a strong passion for travel, which has enabled her to move to many amazing places around the world holidaying and working as a personal trainer. From growing up in South Australia, to living in Byron Bay, working in Sardinia, Italy personal training for a Saudi Arabian Sheikh, and now settling in Dunsborough Western Australia. Her love for the ocean and outdoors has enabled her to live her dream lifestyle. Helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals, through education, support and finding balance. With 13 years experience and having just opened a new gym, she is ready to combine all her knowledge and expertise and make some serious changes to people’s lives in the most amazing part of Australia. Why travel to Bali to do a retreat when we have the most amazing coastline and resorts at our doorstep.

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