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Australia’s leading Laughter Therapist
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About Ros Ben-Moshe

Ros is Positivity Resilience and Wellness Coach, Author and Director of LaughLife Wellbeing Programs, http://laughlife.com.au a leading provider of laughter wellness, positivity and mindfulness programs. She is also Adjunct lecturer at the School of Public Health and Psychology.  Ros is author of the critically acclaimed “Laughing at cancer – How to Heal with Love, Laughter and Mindfulness” based on a series of journals she wrote following a shock diagnosis of bowel cancer at the age of 42. It is part memoir and part healing guide on how to create a positive mindset in the face of adversity. Ros is Ambassador for the digital CancerAid app, Laughter expert for The Love Destination, mentor for Bowel Cancer Australia peer/buddy program, and Global Laughter Yoga Ambassador. She has written for an extensive range of health and wellbeing publications as well as general media such as The Huffington Post, Mamamia and Wellbeing magazine.  Media interviews and publications: http://laughlife.com.au/links/ and http://laughlife.com.au/articles-by-ros/.  

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Ros Ben-Moshe Articles

Love in the time of Coronavirus

Love in the time of Coronavirus

Much discussion has been directed towards the economic and public health response to the coronavirus, from banning public gatherings to economic stimulus packages, yet... Read More
Laughing to Heal

Laughing to Heal

Laughing to Heal The last thing generally associated with a cancer diagnosis is laughter. But within days of my cancer diagnosis, at distinct odds with my gloomy mood,... Read More