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There’s a reason why everyone’s about Organic this, Organic that nowadays.

Ever heard of that saying – if you see smoke, there’s probably a fire? The same can be said about Organic products.

The world is finally moving towards greener pastures (pun intended) and it’s about time. Though there are many more than just 3 reasons for going Organic, let’s just skim through the obvious today.

1. Mother Nature has a bit of a cold …

Whether you’re a Climate Change buff or not, let’s face it, planet Earth is choking a little.

There are a lot more humans on this beautiful planet of ours than there used to be and we’re getting greedier unfortunately.

High disposable incomes, better technology and the unique ability to attack any regions resources (yes, even if they are on the other side of the world) due to globalisation means that our natural resources are getting strained. People have found a “solution” to this supply and demand problem through the use of harmful chemicals such as Genetically Modified Substances, unnatural, and often detrimental pesticides and over farming, or what we like to refer to as overkill. Certified Organic and Organic farming techniques go back to basics, there’s a reason certain sections of Earth (coupled with other environmental factors), choose to give us the specific amounts of ingredients that it does.

2. Certified Organic/Organic Products are better for you …

It’s a no-brainer really. There’s a reason why you will often hear people say that Certified Organic/Organic foods taste better. It’s because they’re all natural, no funky mixing of harmful chemicals and pesticides or other stuff that wasn’t meant to be there in the first place. We trust that Mother Nature does it a certain way because it really, truly is the best way to do it! Ever heard of Natural Selection? It relies on the fact that evolution will take its natural course and that only the fittest will survive. Besides, who can argue with Science, right? If a tomato naturally grows the way it does and one plant gives the amount it does, that’s most likely due to it being optimally suited to exist the way it does. Let’s put it into words we can understand, a mother has enough nutrition in her body for the child (or children) she is carrying to full term. Drop on her a few more, genetically modified ones to top it off and chances are, the end products are going to be seriously diminished because she wasn’t meant to take care of twelve children! The same goes for all products, consumable and non-consumable.

3. Humans are social creatures and we’re meant to share … no matter how much we don’t want to.

The Earth is here for all of us to share. Whether we like to hear it or not, it’s more like we’re renting the planet which will one day be given to our children and our future generations. We need to be good tenants and leave Mother Earth in as good (if not better) shape as it was gifted to us.

We’re meant to share all of Nature’s fruits and bounties. There’s a reason why fruits are seasonal. Remember, mum’s know best. Just like our mum’s, the planet knows best. Organic oranges are available in the season they are because that’s what’s meant to be, just like for apples, or grapes, or anything really. Fruits and vegetables have amazing nutrients and immune boosting attributes. The particular fruits that are naturally available contain the good stuff you need at the time they’re available. Our bodies, just like seasons, go through many changes throughout the year. Let Mother Nature handle the ins and outs about what you need to live the best life you can. Plus, organic products are happier (they really do have feelings) because they aren’t being over farmed so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are getting the crème de la crème.

Do you really need any more evidence to make the change today?

Then watch this from Coop Sweden and see why everyone’s making the switch:

Republished with permission. Originally published on the Nimveda Blog