Health and Wellbeing

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Looking for some fun, new health and fitness activities?

The start of the year is a great time to try a new training style and sign up to some events with your friends or your partner.

Trying new things and mixing it up is a great way to stay motivated and on track with your health journey. It is also a good way of creating some healthier habits with your friends who are often part of the reason why we fall of the health bandwagon in the first place! Wine anyone?

Here are my top picks for early 2016.


Rexist 360 is the hottest new fitness class to come out of NYC and one that we will be introducing to Australia in February.

The class features a revolutionary, one of the kind resistance training system that can increase strength, speed and endurance while building lean muscle and torching fat.

The workout will be a 30-minute high intensity session, which is great for time poor people who want to get in and out while still gaining results.


30 Days Clean (30 days of clean eating and training) is a popular initiative that we have been running for a number of years and the next one starts in February.

The program includes a 30 day meal plan with options to suit various needs and tastes, recipes, unlimited training, master classes with guest trainers, talks, events such as a silent yoga event and more.

Get your friend or your partner and do it as a team. We also have such a great community who participate each year so you will no doubt meet like-minded friends along the way.


A number of our trainer friends have created a singles boot camp called ‘Fit 4 Love’ and the next one will be taking place at Bondi Beach on February 13.

If you are single and want to meet someone who enjoys keeping active, Fit 4 Love may be just for you! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details


To add even more fun to The Color run, this year they will be running a few night events in Australia, including one in Sydney in February 2016.

The Color Run is essentially a 5 KM run with colour that gets thrown around and at you through the course. It is an untimed event and it is more of a social occasion than a race.

Get your friends together or do it with your partner for a fun day/ night out!


We have all seen the amazing pretzel- like images on social media featuring a number of people in each pose but believe it or not, not all of the poses are as difficult as they look!

Grab your partner and look for coaches or events near you. Acro yoga is a fun day out and a great way to tackle a challenge with your partner.