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Something incredible happens when we truly support and encourage one another. When we let go of comparing ourselves and our self-worth against others. When empowered women empower women.

Just because someone else is achieving their dream doesn’t mean that we’re any less worthy, capable or strong. Quite the opposite, sharing the love makes us rise and makes us stronger.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Women aren’t our competition. They’re a source of support and inspiration. We rise by lifting others and together we can change the world.

But how do we become empowered and how can we make a difference? We spoke to inspiring women about how we can empower ourselves and others.

The Gift of Empowerment

“To offer empowerment is a simple gift with the effect of making someone happier, stronger or exhilarated. It’s about reaching out and touching others with the offer of positive support. It’s about sharing stories to inspire and influence. It’s about teaching, talking, learning, listening and nurturing.

Most importantly, empowerment amongst women can turn lonely to liberating, weak to strong and hopeless to hopeful. It is something I am honoured to do and be a part of on a daily basis,” says Lucy Good from Beanstalk Mums.


Spread Droplets of Love and Kindness Wherever You Go 

“When women unite, we are incredibly powerful. The smallest of things can help to empower a woman who may go onto change the world. Regardless of where we are based, we each face challenges simply because we were born into this world as women. Empowering another woman can mean simply listening to her story. It can mean believing in her when she has no belief left in herself. It can mean being there when she feels at her loneliest. Empowerment comes in many different shapes and forms but we all have the ability to empower others.” Sarah Cannata, founder and editor, This Woman Can.

Speak Up

“Empowering each other means speaking up at every turn and calling out the discriminatory norms that continue to hold women back.” Shivani Gopal, founder of the social enterprise, The Remarkable Woman told The Love Destination.

Sarah Cannata agrees. “There are some truly horrifying things taking place around the world today as we speak and pretending it’s not happening does not help anyone. Where we are born can often mean the difference between the kind of prejudice we experience but as women, there is no denying that women face inequality and sexism on a daily basis. If we want to see a fairer, more inclusive world, we have to fight for it because no one is going to fight for us,” Cannata says.

Learn To Say No

“We cannot control other people’s behaviours, but we of course can control our own. My tips for building a life where you feel empowered and in control starts with boundary setting and ultimately “saying no”. I meet women every single day that say yes to things they don’t want or need which ultimately weighs them down, creates constant “busyness” for them and eventually leads to resentment and lack of control.” says Executive Coach and Human Resource Specialist Suzanne Williams from Grace and Grind.

Suzanne Williams shared her top tips for becoming empowered and learning to say no:

  • When someone asks you for something (or let’s say to do something at work), you don’t have to respond straight away. Let them know you’d like to think about it and get back to them. There is nothing worse than being put on the spot.
  • Before responding to any requests, take some deep cleansing breaths and ask yourself what is truly right for you (not what is right for someone else).
  • Look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am important and my time and opinions are just as valuable as everybody else’s”.
  • Start small. When you’re ordering your next coffee and the barista asks if you want that delicious muffin special (that you didn’t go in to order in the first place), say no.
  • Stop assuming that saying “no” is going to offend or upset people, when delivered appropriately it absolutely won’t!


Reach Out

“So often as women we are so quick to criticise, pull down & make other women feel less than. If each of us as strong empowered women could take just a few minutes each day to reach out to women we interact with,” says Founder of Running Divas and EK Life Erica King.

“Say hello to a stranger with a warm smile, help a mum with her pram, comment genuinely on how great someone looks, engage as a woman who cares about other women.

Kindness goes a long way. It’s the ‘little’ things that make a difference to how a woman feels about herself. I believe that every woman no matter what their job, stage in life, life circumstances is valuable & important so no one should be made to feel less than. No one is more or less important than anyone else, we are all just doing our best,” Erica King told The Love Destination.


Get Involved

“In Australia we need to make sure that women are at every decision making table (big or small) – and not just one woman but a diverse range of women to represent the diverse population that women are. We need to encourage each other to be involved in areas of public life,” Marissa Sandler, co-founder of Careseekers told The Love Destination.

“Get involved in committees or bodies that make decisions that affect you – or nominate women you know for these roles. We need to support each other in stepping up. Speak to the women around you  – what matters to you, what matter to them. If you identify things stopping you from fully participating in society band together and see if there is something you can do about it. History has shown it is amazing what women can achieve when we work together,” says Sandler.

Together We Can Change The World

Imagine a world where we all reached out and helped and supported one another.  

Empowered women empower women. We can all make a difference. Every droplet of kindness has the potential to create ripples of change and love. Love Katia