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So you have come into the 2016 excited about training and now that you are a few weeks into it, you are starting to get bored.

This is a very common problem for many people and it often comes down to not having an exciting enough program or classes or not having a goal to work towards.

Here are my top tips to help you banish boredom and get back on track again.

Choose a Gym That Has Lots of Variety When It Comes to Classes

If you are someone who has not really found a training style that you enjoy, choose a gym that has lots of variety when it comes to classes.

Schedule yourself so you do something different each day, such as strength training on Monday, spin on Tuesday, barre on Wednesday as this will mean that you are trying a lot of training styles.

Remember that you may not fall in love with any training style on day 1 so make sure you stick to it for at least a month of two. Trying new things is often hard on your body, but once your body gets used to the new movements you will have a chance to start enjoying them.

Furthermore, you will learn a lot of new exercises and techniques in each class which you can t include in your own programs if you wanted to.

Train for Something

Having an event or setting a performance related goal is a great way to keep your inspired to train.

Why not see what is coming up in your local area, such as a fun run or an obstacle event and sign up.

From there, see a trainer at your local gym that can create a specific and progressive program for you. Seeing the results of a performance-based program can be very rewarding!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to train for an event, think of what you want to achieve. Do you want to be able to do 10 push- ups on your toes or 10 chin-ups unassisted?

Think of what you want your goal to be and get someone to help you put together a program. Once you achieve your goal, set yourself a new one and start again.

Change your Playlist

I have different playlists for every occasion. I use fast song when I am participating in a running event, slower ones if I am completing long distance training, heavier songs when I am lifting and high intensity pop songs when I am doing a spin class.

Having a play list that gets you in the mood to train is a great way to stay entertained. Half the time, I just want to keep training because I want to hear the next song on my playlist.

If you are really struggling to enjoy your workout, then the workout you are doing is probably just not right for you. Change it up, work with a trainer, try a new class, seek inspiration from Instagram and remember to give yourself a chance to enjoy it!