Health and Wellbeing

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When you are trying to eat healthy and lose weight it can be very challenging to stay on the right track, and peer pressure is hard to overcome.

Follow some simple tips to help prevent over indulging or poor meal choices when eating out.

When eating out you will be challenged with an abundant of choices so by following a few simple rules, you should be able to eat out and enjoy the company of your friends guilt- free.

Want to limit your portion size? Ask for a children’s breakfast. Usually the size of this portion is enough for most female adults.

At breakfast, if avoiding bread, take the temptation out and ask for poached or scrambled eggs without toast, with a side of mushrooms, spinach and avocado instead. If ordering eggs benedict, ask for the sauce on the side.

Only choose freshly squeezed juices like a mixed cold pressed juice or freshly squeezed in front of you. Pre-juiced juices are high in sugar and will only add onto your waistline.

If eating on the run, a healthy option is soup, rice paper rolls, brown rice sushi, tuna/lentil/chicken patties with a side of salad or a wrap. Try choosing a meal that has a balance of protein (egg/meat/lentils/legume) and a serve of carbohydrate (salad or veg) and good fats like avocado.

Avoid carbohydrates after 3pm (potatoes, rice, pasta and breads). Aim to eat all your carbohydrates in the morning or lunchtime meal so you have plenty of time to burn them off during the day.

Lunch time is a great time to have that pasta dish that you have been craving all week and choose a tomato based sauce which includes lean protein rather than a creamy sauce if you’re watching your waistline.

Try and eat small snacks regularly throughout the day to stop overeating at meal times. Every 2 to 3 hours, snack on a healthy protein snack like almonds and or fresh piece of fruit to stop your blood sugar levels from dropping and gorging out on the first bit of food you see.

Ask for your sauce on the side just like your eggs benedict. Sauces can add up to extra unwanted calories. This includes salad dressings like a caeser salad or sauce on your steak or your favorite gravy. Avoid mayonnaise and margarine on sandwiches, try healthier spreads such as hummus or avocado and they taste much better too.

If you’re choosing a fish option, ask for grilled or crumbed rather than deep fried and battered.

If your meal comes with chips and you don’t want the temptation, ask the waiter if you can exchange it for salad or vegetables instead.

Be prepared. If you know you are going out for a dinner and they won’t have anything healthy, have a snack prior to leaving home, this will help avoid the temptation of eating unhealthy choices.

If you have run out of time to eat and are starving hungry, avoid having an alcoholic beverage straight up. This will spike your insulin levels and leave you craving everything in site. A trick is to order some protein to level out your sugar levels and stop your over ordering. You can choose a small protein starter to share with the table to get you started whilst waiting to order.

If you’re not wanting to overeat, again order a entrée or share plate as a main course with a side salad or vegetables to prevent eating to much.

If you are wanting to have dessert, ask to share a few options with the table, that way you can get the taste without eating the whole thing.