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Everyone loves a smoothie, but did you know that mixed with the right ingredients, they can do wonders for your digestive health?

Unlike juicing where a lot of the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables may get destroyed in the process, smoothies keep the majority of the fibre intact.

They also allow you to get maximum vitamins and minerals into your body without putting too much pressure on the digestive system and best of all, if there are certain ingredients that you don’t like to cook with, you can just add them into the blender and still benefit from its nutrients.

It’s important to note that not all ingredients are created equal, so here are my top tips for creating the perfect, gut friendly smoothie recipe.

Add Ingredients That Promote Digestion

You don’t have to live on apple cider vinegar or lemon water to ‘cleanse’. There are so many natural ingredients that can be very effective in helping your body reset while still absorbing nutrients that will help nourish it.

Some great ingredients for digestion include: cucumber, peppermint, lemon and fennel.

Aloe Vera is amazing as it detoxifies your gut by increasing the tone of your colon. Barley grass is great as it helps you detoxify heavy metals from the body.

For more info on specific superfoods and what they do, take a look at the O Superfood site.


Add Ingredients That Reduce Inflammation

 There is no doubt that many people consume processed foods that are packed with inflammatory ingredients such as trans fats, sugar, alcohol, dairy and meat.

Trying to avoid as many of these inflammatory foods as possible is important but if you add in foods that help to fight inflammation, that’s even better.

Some of the best foods for fighting inflammation include Turmeric, Ginger, Berries, Chia Seeds, Kale and Spinach.

More Digestive Friendly Tips:

Beware of Pre- Packaged Juice and certain juice bars. Some juice bars and brands will add in sugary apple juice or orange juice as a ‘filler’. Unfortunately, they are usually high in sugar, low in fibre and they may promote inflammation. Try to avoid pre-made juices if possible unless they are cold pressed

Not all fruits are good for digestion, so pay attention to how you feel after eating it. Some fruits that are good for digestion however are bananas, pear, melon and berries

Eat smaller but more frequent meals. It wouldn’t hurt to have one of your meals in smoothie form as it is easier to digest

Do your research on protein powders. Some protein powders can disrupt digestion. Look for a product with minimal ingredients, or a healthy vegan pea protein isolate. Alternatively, yoghurt and kefir are also great sources of protein.