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Organic Products are expensive. They’re hard to find and when you do manage to get your hands on them, you’re often disappointed at how much (or little rather) you got for the big bucks you had to fork up.

They’re seasonal (so what are you supposed to do when you get a craving?) and worst of all, there’s no real proof they’re actually better for you so you just end up feeling like one big sucker who got cheated out of some hard earned dough, right?


The more the World is being faced with the very real issues of Climate Change, Exploitation of the Planet’s Resources and Over Farming/Over Fishing, Going Green may not just be a good looking bumper sticker for your car any longer.

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As scary as this sounds; it may actually be a wonderful surprise. But first, let’s check some facts out.

Why you may not mind paying a little extra for something a whole lot better:

There are a number of very valid reasons on why Organic Products are actually more expensive than their unnatural, chemical filled counterparts. Some of these include being thankful to farmers who are expending a lot more labour than growers who use pesticides by providing natural alternatives to protect their crop so it gets to our tables as scrumptiously healthy as Mother Nature intended.

Qualifying for Organic Certification requires a lot of red tape, work and money which is often borne by the farmers’ personal funds, so naturally, a slightly higher price tag for their produce is to b e expected.

Organic ingredients also tend to grow slower due to the absence of growth hormones and other pesticides and most importantly, organic livestock tend to live healthier lives better aligned to their natural instincts. For a comprehensive list on why Organic Products tend to come with a more expensive price tag, check out this link.

Why Organic Products are better for the environment and us:

Have you noticed how many children are developing allergies from a young age now? Take a moment to think about it. When you were children, or better yet, when your parents were, how many of your friends, your parents friends or even your grandparents friends had allergies while growing up?

Chances are few, if any. What is the reason for this?

Before the whole Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) epidemic came around and big businesses got involved in what is everyone’s birth right, access to healthy and fresh food, man y of the vegetables and other food stuffs were organic by default. Free from chemicals and harsh additives, people ate food the way we were supposed to – fresh and free from preservatives.

Although there is no clear evidence to prove that GMO products are harmful to our bodies, the possible effects GMOs may have on the human body and the environment are not entirely comprehended. Organic products take a precautionary approach and most importantly, encourage natural biodiversity. For more information on the environmental advantages of organic agriculture, click here.

Even though there is no solid proof about the detrimental effects of non-organic products, using natural products externally and feeding natural products to your children will ensure that they are receiving all the nutrients and proteins they should be which means you can sleep better at night knowing your family is getting the best possible protection and natural defenses they should be.

According to the Australian Organic Market Report, the Organic sector has had a 15.4% compound annual growth rate since 2009 and is valued at over 1.72AUD billion (Tweet This Statistic) . Consumption of certified Organic products is at a record high and the trend isn’t just occurring down under.

The same staggering growth for Organic Products can be seen in the United States and the United Kingdom, but don’t just take our word for it. Want to see for yourself? Click here.

Our most precious resources are our children but they are also the future of this planet.

It makes sense to want to give them the best possible start in life they can have and we can so easily provide. You just have to study our ancestors and the simple, yet effective remedies they had for common day ailments as well as the preventative measures they took.

The fact is all you have to do is look around you. Chances are the solution is staring you in the face. We live on a beautiful planet filled with resources and natural alternatives. It’s about time we took a helping hand from Mother Nature.

After all, her experience is bountiful and Mother always knows best.