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What Can I Do To Help Build My Child’s Self-Confidence?

Imagine an empty bucket that gets filled with things that make you feel good. (For example, being loved, being acknowledged or appreciated by others, etc.)

The bucket is like a void that craves to be filled. If you rely on other people or material things to fill up your bucket, then your self-esteem and self-confidence will waver up and down depending on how much or how little you receive. It makes more sense that you have control over what you choose to put in your bucket.

Things that are self-nurturing and are food for the soul.

Everything else is just a temporary fix and will dwindle away in time or have you craving for more, much like an addiction. E.g. more love, more attention, more acknowledgement etc. This damages your self-esteem. Essentially, you are giving away your control and power to others or things that give a false sense of security.

Teach your child to notice the good things within themselves. Encourage them to have happy thoughts throughout the day, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Stringed together, they make a significant difference. Neural pathways in the brain wire the connections together.

Thoughts and feelings of self-love and self-confidence promote more of the same thoughts and feelings. Because the brain gravitates to our dominant thoughts, encourage your child to fill up their bucket with happy thoughts, self-acceptance and self-love. Self-acceptance and self-love is the key to inner self-confidence.

You can help your child to learn how to fill up their bucket with self-acceptance and self-love.

Here’s a few suggestions that you might want to try:

Oh you must be so happy with yourself! Let’s just stop and celebrate that!

That’s really great. You must be really proud of what you’ve done.

Let’s have a think about all the wonderful things that’s made you feel really happy today.

Why don’t we draw a picture so we can remember and look back on this wonderful day.

Extract from Amazing Kids! 27 Ways to Empower Your Child to Success, Love and Happiness – By May Clarke.