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The word detox is often used especially when marketing something that’s considered natural and beneficial for your health. Many people often ask, “Why should I detox my body?” and “How should I do that?”

Firstly, let’s explain why we should consider embarking into a detox program. Our body comes into contact with toxins through our food, environment, and lifestyle choices and through chemical exposure. Even the most careful, diligent person can’t avoid toxins completely; however it’s nothing to be worried about. A simple detox 1-2 times a year will keep you fit, and healthy.

Foods We Eat

Certain heavy rich foods put a lot of stress on our digestion system, especially if the food is not prepared well, or not fresh. Foods such as fast foods, high GI and refined carbohydrates are very taxing on the digestive system. It takes the body a lot of effort and time to process these foods into viable nutrients and excrete the toxins through our intestinal tract.

The other silent killer (without trying to sound too dramatic) is insulin. Our diets a plagued with foods that cause massive insulin spikes which result in inflammation and effect the normal rhythm of hormonal regulation. Foods that are refined and highly process are the biggest problem however large quantities of low GI foods result in the same insulin spike which results in the same problem.

Environmental Factors / Chemical Exposure

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about this one, unless you decide to move to the rural regions of Australia (which I’m sure many of us would love to do but isn’t feasible). This is the only cause of toxic build up in our bodies we can do little about. However the influence on our health can be minimal if we manage the other contributing factors well.

Chemical exposure is everywhere from the cleaning products we use at home and work to the plastic containers that contain our food and drinks. There are many websites that provide recipes for making natural cleaning products that can be used at home and also provide information on food preparation and how to store our food with minimal contamination.

Lifestyle Factors

Many people often argue, “well I’ve gotta live, what am I to do? Become a rabbit and eat carrots all day”. This is often a dramatic response to people that fear change. You definitely can have a fun, and an exciting life being health conscious. The obvious things smoking, alcohol, caffeine, excessive amounts of sugar and little exercise wreak havoc to our bodies. As to whether we feel it immediately or later on depends on our genetic make up. No one is immune to a lifestyle of excess consumption of irritants with minimal physical activity.

The other major factor to initiate toxins in our body is stress. Stress is a natural response and does serve some benefit to us. The stress that causes the release of toxins in our body that can cause disease is the continual stress especially when it affects sleep, relationships and diet. No one wants to be around a miserable person so often people can feel alone and isolated too. Obviously in these circumstances a detox program won’t simply rectify the problem however the damage to one’s health can improve if they seek assistance from a mental health professional in conjunction to improving lifestyle factors.

How Should I Detox?

So now that we understand the why, click here for ideas on how to detox.