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AUSTRALIA, January 24, 2017 — The Love Destination, the relationship and entertainment brand for everything love, has teamed up with premium content provider VideoElephant, forging a content partnership that will see The Love Destination offer high-quality content to publishers globally.

Publishers will be offered engaging, research-led, short-form video content on topics including love, self-love, dating, relationships, health and wellbeing. The partnership will also distribute The Love Destination’s short-form TV series including The Love Destination Expert Series, Eat in Love, French Kiss: The Art and Science of Kissing and Click: How to Find Love Online.

“The Love Destination is all about spreading the love, and this global distribution partnership with VideoElephant does just that. Publishers will have access to trustworthy, highly sponsorable research-led content that inspires and empowers users,” said Katia Loisel, Founder and Director of Love, The Love Destination.  

The Love Destination joins other premium content providers in VideoElephant’s network, which include Reuters, National Geographic, ITN, Meredith, Disney/Maker Studio, Natcom, and Newsy, among others.

About The Love Destination

The Love Destination connects you to everything love. A multi-platform global digital video-on-demand network dedicated to love, life, dating and relationships. The Love Destination’s production team delivers high-quality, research-led, shareable content such as The Love Destination Expert Series, Eat in Love, French Kiss: The Art and Science of Kissing and Click: How to Find Love Online, globally.

The Love Destination’s global mission is to conquer help alleviate loneliness and disconnection, inspiring and empowering women through everything love. It is dedicated to improving the lives of women, supporting aligned charities worldwide. For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook

About VideoElephant

VideoElephant provides ready-to-monetize, brand-safe and mobile-friendly video content solutions to publishers and ad tech globally. VideoElephant enables partners to access a vast library of video content containing over 500,000 videos with 1,000 videos added per day. The library also contains over 15,000 hours of long form video. For more information, please visit