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Are you getting into your own way when it comes to love, perhaps without even realising it? Dr. Vesna Grubacevic founder and Performance Transformation Expert® reveals the top 13 signs you’re sabotaging your relationships.

How do we sabotage ourselves and our relationships?

Sabotage occurs any time we want to achieve something and then our actions, or lack of action, prevent us from being, doing, or having what we want in our relationship and in life.  When we sabotage ourselves, we limit our potential.

While there are over 35 different ways that people can sabotage themselves, you can identify the common red flags in your relationship by observing your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

The top 13 signs that you’re sabotaging your relationships. You:

  • Beat up on yourself, put yourself down, second guess yourself in the relationship
  • Criticise or judge your partner too much
  • Hesitate to ask for what you want from your partner
  • Settle for less than what you deserve in your relationship
  • Put up with toxic or dysfunctional relationships
  • Worry about the future of your relationship
  • Want everything to be perfect or want to control what your partner does or does not do
  • Struggle to communicate effectively, have regular arguments or disagreements
  • Let your partner treat you like a doormat
  • Crave too much attention from your partner and does your neediness push them away
  • Overreact to your partner with emotion;  being very short-tempered, crying uncontrollably when others make comments about you, feeling really rejected when your partner says no to you, taking your partner’s comments too personally, having your “buttons” pushed, taking offence to things too quickly
  • Procrastinate about taking action or making decisions in your relationship
  • Lack clarity, passion or direction in your relationship and life

Some more subtle red flags include:

  • Habits or addictions that developed during the relationship e.g. emotional eating, too much retail therapy, too much drinking
  • Recurring ill health or injury developed during the relationship
  • Health issues developed during the relationship e.g. weight gain/loss, sleeping problems
  • Mental health issues developed during the relationship e.g. depression, anxiety, phobias

Being unable to effectively handle stress in a relationship can lead to health problems.  These can sneak up on you over time and often you may only realise how these developed months or years later.

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