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Using Bumble BFF to Develop a New Circle of Friends

As women continue to build their careers and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities across the country and indeed the world, they are likely to find themselves moving to exciting new urban areas without a base of support. Bumble, which has made a splash as a dating application where the girls seek out the guys, has recently launched the BFF feature, which allows women to make friends of the same sex with a few simple swipes of the finger. All of the excitement of the original Bumble is still there, but the new BFF option allows women of all ages to pursue friendships with other women with whom they are likely to be a good match.

How It Works

Bumble BFF, like its progenitor, is all about the “swipe.” After downloading the application, users can quickly switch over to the BFF mode. This allows them to avoid the usual dating mode so that platonic relationships can be pursued instead. A connection occurs when two users both swipe on each other’s profiles. The matches then have a full 24 hours to reach out and begin conversing. All Bumble BFF conservations will appear green so that they can be differentiated from the normal dating conversations, which always appear in yellow. The color scheme is a useful way to categorize people you have recently been chatting with.

The Benefits of New Friendships

The ultimate goal of the BFF mode is to help women develop friendships in a new town or city. After the first few Bumble conversations, matches might choose to get together for any number of events, including the following:

  • wine tastings
  • book clubs
  • movies
  • sporting events
  • concerts
  • art exhibitions
  • intellectual presentations
  • bars and clubs

Since matches will already know which hobbies they have in common, it will be much easier to find events that will appeal to both parties. Friendships that are centered on common interests are much more likely to last.

Original Motivation

Whitney Wolfe’s ultimate goal in creating Bumble BFF was to allow women who were already involved in romantic relationships to nevertheless use the app to find friends in their area. By expanding the app so that it no longer limited people strictly to connecting romantically with the opposite sex, women who found themselves in careers in new cities could put together a group of girlfriends that would finally allow them to feel at home. Wolfe’s goal was to increase social interaction across the complete spectrum of relationships.