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Why you need to receive twice as much as him. Did you receive twice as much as the men around you this week? No? Our bodies need to receive twice as much as his, because your body does twice as much.

Not only are our bodies made to live life (just like a man’s) but our body is also made to create, house, birth a life, and to feed that life, too. Oh and have periods each month if that doesn’t happen. And go through menopause when that does stop happening…

Well, what does this really mean?

It means that you genetically need to receive more than men daily; more comfort, more pleasure, more safety, more sleep, and yes, more support, because not only does your body physically do more… you nurture more than men. Daily. And mostly without realising it.

Every woman I have ever met loves to give and nurture: a child, a family, her friends, a project, a belief, a way of life and a better future for this planet – look at us all – we’re all doing it! And we often do it all at once; hence, our innate ability to juggle. And we’re good at it! We’re made for it.

You cannot do your purpose if you are receiving half as much as you’ve been designed to. You’ll be exhausted, resentful and half as powerful.

Is it possible that because we’re built to receive twice as much pleasure as men and don’t, that we’re therefore twice as likely to slide into *depression than men? It’s possible isn’t it?

It’s a well-known fact that in bed, most women need more foreplay than men to reach orgasm.

We just need longer. Twice as much? I’d say ten times as much is where it starts getting really pleasurable for us gals!

Is it a design flaw? No! We are supposed to receive more pleasure – it’s how we’re built to counteract the amount we give!

Ever noticed that we need more comfort than him? More talking about stuff than he does? More products in the bathroom, more romantic gestures than him? He doesn’t need to receive as much pleasure in quite as much thought out detail as you. He loves to receive pleasure, but what gives him pleasure isn’t necessarily what gives you pleasure. What makes him really happy? Write it out. Is that enough for you?

Look down at your body. Do you have ‘innie’ or ‘outie’ plumbing? We women have ‘innie’ plumbing! In = Receive. Out = Produce.

Do you think there’s anywhere on your body then, that is just made for receiving… pleasure? And this part doesn’t do anything else? Can you guess? It’s your clitoris! Does a man have a corresponding body part that is only to receive pleasure? The penis? Nope. (It does more than one thing!) Some say the male nipple, but some men don’t like it being touched, so… we would have to say, “no”.

One part of your body is solely made for receiving pleasure. If you’re in touch with her? Then you’ll turn ON your ability to receive twice as much as him. Just as nature intended.

Hmm… how many nerve endings does the clitoris have to receive pleasure? Answer = 8000. What about the penis? Answer = 4000.

So if we’re built to receive twice as much pleasure as men… to counteract how much nurturing we give out on a daily basis… have you been going with or against your design as a woman?

Raise your receiving level.

Have you been living to his receiving level or your own? You’ll know by your inner glow – how much are you glowing now, as you read this? There’s your answer. See, when we live to his level of receiving, it’s fun, it’s nice, but it’s not in nearly as many ways as we need it… we need more variety than him and we need to immerse ourselves in richer feminine pleasure daily. He quite rightly has fed himself to his level of masculine pleasure. His masculine pleasure is not your feminine pleasure; they are two entirely different things.

Try this – for the next 24 hours, notice, are you accepting his pleasure level or other people’s pleasure level as your own, or are you brave enough to go for your richer level of pleasure? And if so, what pleasure does your womanly body need to receive right now?

* According to the leading organisation, Mental Health America, “Women experience depression at roughly twice the rate of men”.

Sydney-based Marina J is a renowned relationship coach, speaker & best-selling author of Turn Yourself On. For more free resources go to