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Why hello Wonder Woman! Did you know that over 91% of women don’t like their bodies? Isn’t it time we gave ourselves a huge dose of body love, self-love and acceptance? We spoke to Freedom Entrepreneur and Health Expert Nardia Norman about how to to love your body, bumps, ‘perceived flaws’ and all.

How do we learn to love our body?

If you’re anything like a lot of women, jumping from self-loathing or dissatisfaction to body love is big ask. But it doesn’t need to be such a big leap. In fact Freedomology Expert Nardia Norman told The Love Destination Expert Series that it’s all about practice, and little daily reminders that you are beautiful and worthy. Just as you are.

Learning to love your body- this is hard! I know and everyone who knows who’s probably listening to this is going “so easy for you say; how do I do it”? Do you know what? Learning to love your body is a practice, ‘ explains Norman.

‘It’s a series of doing some simple things every single day to cultivate your body love.’

Body Love starts with appreciation

So where do we start? Nardia reveals that body love starts with appreciation. ‘The primary thing that you can start off with is appreciation. You may or may not have heard of such a thing as ‘gratitude diary’, where every single day we write down all of the things that we’re super grateful for. Let’s start an appreciation diary, ‘ she said.

‘It’s a little bit different but essentially, what you’re doing is every single day you’re noticing all the things in your body that you love and appreciate yourself. Because by doing that you’re switching your brain from focusing on all of the negative stuff. You know how sometimes you look at the mirror and what you see is the flabby arms, that waist and those legs you don’t really like.

Nardia’s 4 tips for learning to love your body. Bumps, (perceived) flaws and all!

  1. One of the easiest ways to start loving your body is to appreciate it in it’s current form.
  2. What do you really appreciate about your body? Is it strong, has it bared children, can you walk around? Focus on what your body does for you as opposed to focusing on what it doesn’t.
  3. Learning to love your body is an inside job – be appreciative, cultivate gratitude for what you do have, put things into perspective and focus on speaking kind words to yourself.
  4. If you avoid participating in certain activities because of your body shape, get over yourself!! Get out of your own way – do the things that you love now, regardless of you perceive your body shape. Doing things you love makes you feel good and when you feel good you do more.