Sex and Intimacy

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Did you know that the brain is the biggest sexual organ? But what is brain sex and can you really think your way to greater intimacy and better sex?

If you want to spice up your love life and your relationship it’s really what think and how you feel that counts as Brain Specialist And Best-Selling Author Dr Helena Popovic told The Love Destination Expert Series.

The Brain is The Largest Sexual Organ

‘Sex starts in the brain as Dr Helena Popovic explains. “The brain is not only the control centre of our life but the brain is also the largest sexual organ.

What does this actually mean? What it means is that our thoughts and our emotions about ourselves and our whole situation is the most powerful thing in terms of having a fulfilling sexual relationship with someone.”

“If you’re not feeling sexy, forget it,” says Dr Popovic.  “Do what makes you feel sexy first, appreciate yourself and you’ll soon find that someone else appreciates you and you’ll appreciate them more.”

Brain Sex: How to Think Your Way To Greater Intimacy and Better Sex

“This is a very powerful exercise that improves health and sex. When you go to bed  go through every part of your body. And  thank every part of your body for what it does for you.

So I thank my eyes for being able to see. I thank my nose for being able to smell aromas. I thank my mouth and my tongue for being able to taste, and you go through each part of your body and you thank it for what it does for you.

That has an incredible impact on how we look after ourselves, how we feel about ourselves and how we actually engage sexually with another person,” says Dr Popovic.

Watch this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series as Brain Specialist And Best-Selling Author Dr Helena Popovic talks about Brain Sex and how to think your way to greater intimacy.

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It’s All About Connection

But brain sex doesn’t need to be complicated as Dr Popovic reveals. “Other really simple things are just being present in the moment, sex starts way before the bedroom. It’s saying hello. It’s feeling that you are really being listened to. It’s really listening to the other person.”

“I’m always reminded of something Albert Einstein said. He said, “example isn’t the way to teach, it’s the only way to teach” and that works in pose to relationships. If you want to be heard, give your full attention and listen to the other person.

If you want to be appreciated inside, you don’t even have to say it out loud. But just think to yourself all the things you appreciate about your partner. They pick up on your energy so much more than you realize, and you on theirs.

What you’re thinking about (even if you never going to say it like this gives me, this really annoys me), is picked up by them and will reduce the quality of your relationship.

Another really powerful thing that research has found, is that if you write down for yourself all the things that you really appreciate about your partner even without saying it to them it will improve the quality of that relationship on every level,” says Dr Popovic.

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Dr Popovic’s tips to a better relationship and better sex

  1. Better relationships begin with being fully present for the other person. Give them your complete attention and listen without running a commentary in your own mind about what they are saying.
  2. Listening to someone with our full attention is the highest form of respect and the greatest gift we can give them.
  3. We automatically feel more connected and we communicate that we value them without having to say anything. Your partner will feel safe with you and respond with calmer and deeper communication.
  4. Observe our own emotions without judging ourselves for them.
  5. Emotions come and go and we don’t have to respond to them. We can pause and evaluate if something is really worth getting upset about or if something needs to be clarified or discussed. Knowing that we are not slaves to our emotions is very empowering.

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